Romford Home Buildings Insurance

If you have a mortgage, a building insurance policy is compulsory. Owners of leasehold properties, such as a flat, shouldn't have to worry about buildings insurance as it is the freeholder's responsibility.

What does home buildings insurance cover?

Home buildings insurance covers the structure of your home, not the contents. This includes permanent fixtures and fittings, such as fitted wardrobes and kitchen units. Most policies will also cover any outbuildings, such as a garage, shed or greenhouse. A good policy will insure your home against a range of risks, including:

  • Fire, smoke, lightning and explosions
  • Storm and flood damage
  • Burst pipes and other incidents of water leakage
  • Subsidence, heave or landslip
  • Vandalism or third party damage
  • Falling trees or branches
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Leak of oil from the central heating system

If you live in an area at risk of flood or subsidence, you may need extra cover or your insurer might impose a higher excess. Your policy might be more expensive as a result, but the extra cost is probably worth the peace of mind.

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