Romford Young Driver Insurance

Are you aged 17-25 and looking to save up to 25% off your car insurance?

In association with iKube, we can offer young provisional drivers & inexperienced full license holders an opportunity to get on the road without breaking the bank.

By taking out this specialist young drivers insurance policy you also have the ability to earn your own no claims discount allowing you to save money on your car insurance in the future

Why Choose iKube & KSL Thomas?

The telematics or 'black box' monitors your driving over time. If the data confirms you are a safe, careful driver then you could be rewarded with relaxation of the restrictions and a good driver discount of up to 40% on renewal. We also promise not to increase your premium after you pass your test (Providing your driving test is not passed within the first 42 days of inception of the policy. Other concurrent changes such as change of vehicle or address may affect the premium.)

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