If you own a motorhome, caravan or similar or are looking to buy one, make sure you have the right motorhome insurance policy that complies with UK laws and regulations.

Types of motorhome insurance cover

Motorhome and Caravan insurance are offered by many of the same insurers and provide similar cover.

Third party motorhome insurance

Third party motorhome insurance is the most basic and is the legal minimum requirement. If you have third party insurance you are covered for any injury to the drivers involved and damage to their property, but not damage to your own motorhome.

Third party fire and theft motorhome insurance

In addition to paying out for the other drivers, third party fire and theft motorhome insurance also covers your own motorhome if it is stolen or damaged by fire.

Fully comprehensive motorhome insurance

Fully comprehensive motorhome insurance covers all of the above plus damage to you and the motorhome if you have an accident. In addition it normally includes new for old replacement, European cover, contents/equipment and windscreen/window cover, plus additional benefits which vary from insurer to insurer.

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