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We offer standard and specialist motorcycle insurance policies to help motorcyclists find the best deal possible to meet their needs.

Whether you chose to invest in a classic Triumph, enjoy a cruise through the city on a nifty scooter or drive your Ducati on the open road, we can provide you with the motorcycle insurance cover to minimise your risk.

What's the best motorcycle insurance cover to meet your needs?

There are three different levels of motorcycle insurance cover we offer based on your budget.

Fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance cover

Fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance is generally the most expensive type of cover and the highest, offering you protection for damage to the motorcycle, any property involved and yourself even if the liability for damage lies with you. It's worth noting it may not cover you for every eventuality such as a vehicle breakdown.

Third party motorcycle insurance cover

Third party motorcycle insurance is the least expensive type of cover and is the basic minimum cover allowed by UK law.

In comparison to fully comprehensive insurance, this policy will pay out for any damage to the other driver who is involved in the accident but you will be responsible for any damage to your own motorcycle in the case of an accident or theft of your motorcycle.

Third party insurance is useful if you have an old car that is not worth very much, otherwise it's worth thinking about a higher level of cover to minimise your risk.

Third party, fire and theft motorcycle insurance cover

In addition to covering the other drivers, third party, fire and theft motorcycle insurance offers you protection if your motorcycle is stolen or damaged in a fire, and covers you if an accident was your responsibility. You will be covered for the damage you caused to another vehicle, their property and medical treatment for their injuries.

As with all levels of motorcycle insurance you will be expected to pay out an initial amount of your claim, this is known as the excess.

Specialist motorcycle insurance

We acknowledge that you may need an individual policy to suit a specific motorcycle insurance need and we offer specialist advice for this.

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