Romford Motor Trade Insurance

Whatever the nature of your motor trade business, you are dealing with high value and sometimes dangerous objects such as a haulier.

If something goes wrong, you could be facing some monumental bills that may bring your business down, unless you have a good motor trade insurance policy to fall back on. A trade motor insurance policy can cover you for every eventuality.

What you get from a motor trade insurance policy

The typical motor professional's policy needs to take into account situations such as:

Trade insurance - for things that go wrong in your workshop.

Road cover - for accidents that may happen if you're road testing or delivering a customer's vehicle.

Employers' liability requirements - to cover the cost of claims against you from your staff that have been injured in progression of their legitimate work on your behalf*.

Theft - of your tools, damage to your premises and the theft of / damage to your customers' cars on the premises.

Business continuity - in case your premises is put out-of-action by an insured risk such as fire or explosion etc.

Public liability - to cover you for members of the public that suffer injury on or around your property (e.g., slipping on an oil spill).

*In the specific case of employers' liability, the law may oblige you to have this cover in some situations, and it doesn't just apply to formal employees on your books but may also include friends or family - even if they are helping you out voluntarily.

We can help you find competitively-priced motor trade insurance that will ensure that your business keeps running as smoothly as possible - even if the unexpected does happen.

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