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Regardless of how little you drive your car, if it is taxed it must also be insured. If you don't drive your classic car at all, apply for a Statutory off Road Notification (SORN) then insurance won't be necessary.

A classic car insurance policy is often cheaper than a motor insurance policy, but it pays to make sure that you buy the right cover for your prized possession.

What does classic car insurance cover?

There are a few differences between a comprehensive classic car policy and normal comprehensive car cover.

It is not always easy to determine the true value of a classic car, so if your policy pays out the market value in the event of a write off, it might not reflect its actual worth. Experts therefore recommend that you agree the value with the insurer when you take out the cover. You might have to pay a higher premium, but the policy will then pay out the agreed value if the car is a write off.

The insurer might ask for evidence of the car's agreed value, which could include an independent valuation by an expert, who will probably charge a fee. It is also a good idea to ensure that you can update the agreed value of the vehicle each year. Many vintage models - unlike modern cars - increase in value as they get older. If you don't update the value you could be left with an insurance shortfall.

Also, if your car is particularly valuable, you might want any replacements to be authentic, so make sure the insurance is adequate.

Because classic cars are not usually driven as frequently as modern vehicles, most insurers set a maximum mileage, often about 7,500 miles year. It's worth finding out if there is any flexibility to change the agreed mileage, or if your policy will automatically be invalidated if the limit is breached.

The other big difference between classic and standard car insurance is that you do not build up a no-claims discount on classic car cover, which is why it is worth shopping around for quotes, particularly at renewal.

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