Romford Caravan Insurance

If you own, or are looking to buy a caravan, motorhome or similar, make sure you have the right caravan insurance policy that complies with UK laws and regulations.

Levels of caravan insurance cover

Caravan insurance is usually split into three types: Touring caravan, static caravan and trailer tent/folding camper. Motorhome Insurance is also offered by many of the same insurers and includes similar cover.

Touring and static caravan insurance

If you have a caravan which is towed behind your vehicle, or a static caravan permanently based at a caravan site, you can take out a standard caravan insurance policy which will insure you for both scenarios.

Most caravan insurance policies provide cover for trips within the EU but may have time limits in place, and also include third party liability and covers your caravan if it gets damaged or stolen. Fixtures and fittings, personal items and stereos are all usually covered under this too.

Trailer tent insurance

Trailer tent insurance is usually similar to a touring caravan policy and should include third party liability, European cover, damage, replacement, fixtures and fittings. However, theft is not usually covered because of the lack of physical security measures.

What isn't included

Common exclusions with caravan insurance are usually wear and tear, using a caravan or motorhome as a permanent residence, poor security measures, and vermin damage to trailer tents. Some motorhome insurance policies include breakdown but it is usually excluded.

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