Romford Tradesman and Contractors Insurance

Tradesman insurance or contractors insurance is designed to protect you from some specific risks you are exposed to throughout your working day which can include:

Litigation - property damage or injury that can be attributed to your actions could leave you vulnerable to legal proceedings. Clients, employees or the general public may sue you for damages.

Loss of income - if you are self-employed then you will not be able to claim sick pay if you are ill and unable to work.

Property damage - if you own business premises then these can be at risk from damage from fire, flood, storms and more. This means you could be left facing huge repair or rebuild bills.

Equipment damage - as a tradesmen or contractor it is likely you will have to supply your own tools and equipment. This can be an expensive investment and if anything is stolen or damaged, replacements and repairs could leave you out of pocket.

Contractors All Risk insurance (CAR)

We also offer Contractors All Risk insurance which includes all the elements of insurance that a contractor could need on-site including liabilities, full tool and equipment cover and any add-ons the particular contractor needs specific to their business type.

We cover over 100 trades including specialist technicians, solar panel installation, security guards, chimney sweeps, chefs, construction contractors, cake making and selling, cleaners, hauliers and scaffolders amongst many others.

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