Romford Public Liability Insurance

Businesses most at risk from public liability claims are those who have visiting clients or suppliers, even if the business is run from home. If you will be working at a customer's property or premises, you will also be liable for any damage or injury arising as a result of your work for them. Having a public liability policy in place is not a legal requirement, but certain professions will need to have one in order to trade.

If you own a shop, pub or office, work in the plumbing trade or any of the other trades which require you to enter a customer's premises, then you should consider taking out public liability insurance.

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable so it's imperative you take out adequate cover. Many small businesses would find it difficult to foot the bill for expensive legal costs and compensation payments arising from an accident or damage to a customer's property, so purchasing a public liability insurance policy can be a lifeline.

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