Professional indemnity insurance protects businesses for negligent advice or services given in a professional capacity.

Professional indemnity insurance features

Professional indemnity cover can protect you against risks such as:

Legal Fees - the costs of hiring your own legal team can be expensive and even if you win your case you may still have to cover these fees out of your own pocket.

Compensation - if you are found to be guilty of unintentional professional negligence then you may have to pay out compensation and this could add up to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Breaches of Contract - clients could bring a ‘breach of contract' case against you or your company. This could be for a number of reasons such as unintentional breaches of client confidentiality or accidental loss of vital client documents.

Copyright Infringement - this can be a big problem for professionals working in saturated marketplaces. It can be too easy to develop very similar products to other businesses without realising. You need to protect your reputation and finances against possible claims for infringement of intellectual property rights or copyright.

Business cover and professional indemnity insurance

Don't forget that if you employ staff then you could also be held responsible for their actions as well. This is why it is so important you get the right professional indemnity cover in place now to protect your business.

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