As a director or executive company officer you will have to answer to a number of people should any problems arise with your business. This can include your employees, customers, shareholders and official regulators. If things go wrong then you could be held accountable whether or not you were directly involved in the issue.This could also apply if you are a member of a management association or a director of a non profit or charity organisation etc.

Directors and officers insurance UK will cover your finances against the many potential risks in the modern business world.

Directors Insurance explained

We can offer you effective directors indemnity insurance packages that can include cover for:

  • Breach of duty or trust
  • Investigative legal fees
  • Legal team expenses (covering both you as a director and your company)
  • Damages arising from professional negligence claims
  • Damages arising from slander or libel claims
  • Errors or Omissions
  • Blanket cover for the position of director (includes all past, present and future directors)
  • General damages

You can also add related business insurance cover to your directors insurance to customise your package to your individual requirements:

  • Employment Liability - this can cover against situations such as wrongful dismissal claims
  • Criminal Activity - this can protect you and your business should an employee be found to have committed criminal offences related to their duties.

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